Caroline Grainger – ( Canine Mobile )

Hello! My name is Caroline and I am so excited to join the Purrdy Paws team! I grew up in England with all different kinds of pets and have carried that love for animals into my career as a dog groomer. I have worked in the industry for almost 6 years, and have loved every minute of it! Being able to work with dogs all day is a dream come true. I take pride in making dogs look their best and doing so with a calm and gentle touch.

I have 2 dogs of my own, a Rottweiler named Mika and a Maltese mix named Zoo, as well as a dwarf rabbit named Cuppy and a bearded dragon named Puff. I also have a big passion for horseback riding which I have been doing since I was about 10 years old. I couldn’t imagine a life without animals! I can’t wait to meet your furry friends ?

Danielle Johnston – ( Canine Mobile and Shop )


Hi! I’m Danielle. I love all animals and have worked in the pet industry for over ten years. For 8 of those years I’ve been a groomer and have loved every minute of it!

I’ve had pets all my life. Right now I have two cats, Didget and Baloo, and beagle border collie mix named Dodger.

I’m so excited to be joining the Purrdy Paws team and can’t wait to pamper you pups!

Chelsey Blundon – ( Shop )

Hi! I’m Chelsey.

I am new to the Purrdy Paws team. I have over ten years experience in the grooming industry, nine and a half years as a certified groomer.

I’ve always had a love for animals and a love for art; making grooming the perfect career choice for me.

Currently I have one dog “Sadie” who I adopted 9 years ago from KHS. Shes been such an amazing addition to my life.

I look forward to meeting you and your fur babies at Purrdy Paws!


Laurie ( Shop )

Hi! My Name Is Laurie, and I’ve been dreaming of the day I could start working for a company like purrdy paws. I have been in and around the animal industry for quite some time now and I am so happy to say that I am finally in a job that I am excited to wake up for every morning.

I am a groomers assistant / bather with Purrdy Paws and pursuing my dream of one day becoming a certified groomer. In my home life I have a three month old puppy of my own and a one and a half year old son who I absolutely adore. They both make my life so much more fulfilling and fun! Animals have a way of making everything better, no matter what your day was like they will always be there to greet you with love and a wagging tail, who wouldn’t want to be with them all day every day ?!?