Myths & Facts

FACT: This is simply not true. Even some of the very difficult felines are able to be groomed without the use of sedatives with proper cat handling techniques. Some felines even suffer higher anxiety while under the influence of sedative which can make grooming more difficult for the groomer and less safe for kitty. CFMG’s want kitty to realize there is nothing to fear during the grooming process. (Of course there will always be an exception to the rule and in those extreme cases a sedative or even veterinary medical observation/ assistance may be required.)
FACT: A dog’s coat is not an insulator but rather a heat regulator. This means a dogs coat no matter how thick will keep him warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer all on its own! Taking away a dogs coat can expose sensitive skin to the environment and may cause more harm than good.
FACT: Mats will not keep a pet warmer and instead prevents much needed air from getting to the animals skin. This can cause bacteria and moisture to be trapped which can lead to hot spots and other painful skin conditions. A long coat can be warming in the winter for your pet providing it stays clean and free of tangles.
FACT: It is true a lot of coat quality can be attributed to genetics, however sometimes a dull or sparse coat may be a warning sign of illness in your furry companion. Just like humans hair quality can be largely effected by environment, medical and diet issues. Doing your research and keeping your friend on a high quality diet can give that dull coat a drastic turn around on appearance and texture.
FACT: Truth is ALL animals shed they just may shed in different ways. Some drop hair like humans, others undercoat may get stuck in the guard hairs so it goes relatively unnoticed. Shorthaired dogs and cats can sometimes be the worst shedders of all!
FACT: “hypoallergenic”? The real source of allergens is skin dander and saliva, and since all animals have skin, no pet is guaranteed hypoallergenic, although some allergic people may react more or less to dander from particular pets or breeds.
FACT: This may be one of the largest misconceptions in both the canine and feline world of grooming. Nail trimming and grooming is all part of keeping our pets clean and healthy. Pets don’t understand that without grooming they will develop painful mats or skin conditions or that overgrown nails are painful to walk on. Getting your pet on a regular grooming schedule is crucial to his wellbeing and longevity. A groom that has no painful issues to address makes for a much better grooming process for your reluctant pet and an easier time to build trust with the groomer. Before you know it a reluctant pet will be looking forward to his spa days
FACT: This is an all-time favorite myth for any CFMG. Many people truly believe that cats actually groom themselves! When you think of cats “grooming themselves” you are probably associating that to the licking that they do over their entire bodies. This is all the cats are doing is “licking” along with ingesting loose hair that will later be found around your home in the form of a hairball or two. All the cat is doing by licking and essentially coating itself in saliva that contains a protien called Fel D-1 which is possibly the largest cause of “cat allergies” in humans. No cat licking saliva on itself will ever make it “clean”, eliminate mats or dandruff or decrease shedding. In fact, the cat acting in this manner will actually add to the problems by creating more and dander in the skin and causing the other issues such as matting and dandruff to worsen. The only problem eliminating grooming is grooming performed by a CFMG and NOT the feline with the problems!