1. All pets must be up to date on their rabies vaccination unless recommended otherwise by your veterinarian. Upon booking your appointment you are giving consent for Purrdy Paws to call your veterinary clinic to verify its validity.
  2. Please ensure to be on time for your scheduled appointment to ensure timely completion of your pet’s groom. If you are not present at the scheduled appointment time you may be required to pay a partial payment of your services.
  3. First no show without phone call is documented. Second no show results in payment of half of requested service due upon receipt. Third no show may result in the refusal of grooming services.
  4. Payment is due at time of grooming completion.
  5. Purrdy Paws Pet Grooming Spa does not allow owners inside the work area during the grooming session. However, owners are encouraged to view the workspace and equipment prior to the start or at the end of our grooming day.
  6. For our groomer’s safety and the safety of your pet the work area will have closed doors for the duration of the groom. Our groomers will not open the door until the groom is complete and your pet is secure. Please make sure that we address all of your needs before we begin grooming.
  7. In the rare event that grooming becomes dangerous for either our groomer or your pet the groom will be ceased immediately. Safety is our number one priority!
  8. Purrdy Paws Pet Grooming Spa requires that your pet be secured in a carrier or on a leash when coming to the shop for their spa day. If an owner wishes to carry their pet they may do so at their own risk.
  9. An information and consent form must be completed before the grooming session begins. For your convenience these forms can be filled out electronically by clicking “request an appointment” on the webpage. For online appointment requests please allow up to 24 hours for a reply.
  10. For appointment cancellations we ask that you provide Purrdy Paws Pet Grooming Spa a minimum 48 hour notice. We ask that cancellations be done by phone only so that your request is accommodated in a timely manner.
  11. Purrdy Paws Pet Grooming Spa employees will not administer any sedatives or calming agents to your pet at any time. Please discuss with your groomer prior to your decision to use any veterinary prescribed sedatives. At times pets may be more fearful under these effects.
  12. Any grooming may uncover pre-existing health or skin conditions for which Purrdy Paws Pet Grooming Spa is not responsible. Any necessary veterinary treatment will be at the expense of the owner.
  13. Purrdy Paws Pet Grooming Spa does not treat fleas! If fleas are found on your dog or cat during the groom you will be advised to take your pet to the vet for a three month treatment before any future grooming may be done. Your pet will be given a flea bath to ensure the safety of other pets coming into the shop that day at an additional charge.
  14. We love taking before and after photos of your babies that we post on our webpage and social media sites. If you do not wish your pet’s photos to be taken or used please advise a Purrdy Paws Pet Grooming Spa employee.