Clipping & Trimming Packages

Lion-Cut Spa Package – $100.00

Includes: nail trimming, face and eyes cleaned, hair clipped very close to the skin in a “lion” appearance with pom-pom tail, bath, blow dry and final comb out and cologne

The Purrdy Dirty packages are for when your dog needs a little extra TLC to get clean.

Anal Gland Expression

An Anal Gland Expression will be done only externally by our groomers – $30.00

*Note: The groomers at Purrdy Paws Mobile Spa collectively agree that this type of procedure is best done internally and with an experienced vet or veterinary technician. We are not qualified to diagnose an anal gland complication and if an issue is present we do not want to aggravate an already dangerous condition. If you are worried about a compacted or infected anal gland please see your vet*


A De-skunking Treatment is an add-on to the appropriate Bath and Tidy Package for your dog’s size – $100.00

*Please Note: De-skunking should be done as closely to the time of the occurrence as possible. A delay can affect the results of skunk removal products. We cannot guarantee the amount of success when using de-skunking products. It is not uncommon to have faint hints of skunk odor the next time the dog becomes wet*

Flea Baths

Bottom Line is flea baths are NOT effective. Fleas are only eliminated by products which only your veterinarian can provide as well as a routine of steam cleaning and vacuuming. Additional Cost to Groom – $45.00

*As a rule Purrdy Paws Mobile Spa does NOT treat fleas. Should an owner be unaware and fleas are found on your pet during the groom a FLEA BATH will be given to protect the other animals entering the van that day. Should it allot for more time additional charges may apply.*

We cannot guarantee the same results without the bath included.

Lion-Cut Variation Spa Package – $105.00

Lion-Cut Variation Spa PackageIncludes: nail trimming, face and eyes cleaned, hair clipped on body very close to the skin with variation of the owners choice (mohawk, full tail, etc.), bath, blow dry and final comb out and cologne

Comb-Cut/Teddybear-Cut Spa Package – $115.00

Comb-Cut/Teddybear-Cut Spa PackageSpa Package Includes: nail trimming, eyes and ears cleaned, hair trimmed to a manageable short length with pom-pom or full tail, bath, blow dry and final comb out and cologne

** Note: SEVERE pelting or fecal matter removal may result in additional fees **

PELT FEE – $50.00