Mobile Dog Spa

Services & Pricing

Spa Bath Packages

Range Between – $ 55.00 – $ 130.00 + ( approx )

*** Please note all Grooming must be done in the van. ***

*** Bathing packages are for dogs with no pelting or matting. Heavy matting will need to be addressed in a clipping package for the best interest and safety of your pup.***

*** No shows will be subjected to a 50% fee ***

***  The minimum stop fee for the Canine mobile grooming van is $30 ***


A De-skunking Treatment is an add-on to the appropriate Bath and Tidy Package for your dog’s size – $100.00

*Please Note: De-skunking should be done as closely to the time of the occurrence as possible. A delay can affect the results of skunk removal products. We cannot guarantee the amount of success when using de-skunking products. It is not uncommon to have faint hints of skunk odor the next time the dog becomes wet*

Flea Baths

Bottom Line is flea baths are NOT effective. Fleas are only eliminated by products which only your veterinarian can provide as well as a routine of steam cleaning and vacuuming. Additional Cost to Groom – $75.00

*As a rule Purrdy Paws Mobile Spa does NOT treat fleas. Should an owner be unaware and fleas are found on your pet during the groom, a FLEA BATH will be given to protect the other animals entering the van that day and additional charges will be applied.*


Spa Clipping & Trimming Packages

Range Between – $ 79.00 – $175.00 + ( approx )

** Note: SEVERE pelting or fecal matter removal may result in additional fees**

Breed Specific Trims Add-On

Small Dogs- $25
Medium Dogs- $35
Large Dogs- $45
Extra Large Dogs- $55

Clean Face / Feet:
Mini – $15
Standard – $25


If a dog is extremely matted the dog must be shaved and a groomer must work cautiously to protect the delicate skin of the dog. This could increase a normal appointment time and is hard work on the pet, the groomer and the groomer’s equipment.

*Pelt Fees Will Be Quoted Prior to Beginning the Groom*

Small Dogs – $50.00
Medium / Large Dogs – $75.00
Extra Large Dogs – $100.00

Spa De-shedding Treatments

De-shedding treatments are done following one of our Spa Packages with our professional Rake’n’Vac System by ClipperVac or with one of our specialty de-shedding shampoos. This treatment will give you incredible results against shedding and matting.

The Pro

The Pro is effective on heavy, dense coats for breeds such as Samoyeds, Newfoundlands, Huskies, Goldens, Spaniels, Wire-Coated Terriers, Shepherds, Chows, Poms, and Collies to remove heavy and dead undercoat.

The Shorty

The Shorty is effective on smooth-coated dogs such as Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers, Terriers, Hounds, and sporting breeds by removing dead and loose undercoat.

Small Dogs –            $25.00 ( $20.00 with tool )
Medium Dogs –        $45.00 ( $40.00 with tool )
Large Dogs –            $45.00 ( $40.00 with tool )
Extra Large Dogs –  $75.00 ( $50.00 with tool )

De-Shed Shampoo

Small Dogs – $25.00
Medium/Large Dogs – $45.00


Primp My Pup Add Ons

Primp My Pup Add Ons will bring your next grooming experience to the next level.

Tooth Brushing

**First Time Includes toothbrush for at home use and future use by our groomers as just like humans, mouth bacteria should not be shared among pets and tooth brushing should be done at home between grooms**

Tooth Brushing with Toothbrush Supplied by Purrdy Paws – $12.00
Tooth Brushing with owner supplied toothbrush – $8.00

Colour & Design

** Please Advise When Booking Appointment to Allow for Time ** 

Creative Stencil Design – $20 and up
Creative Color – $15 and up

Grooming Hair Feathers

Feathers are handmade by one of our groomersJ

Basic Hair Feather – $5.00
Deluxe Hair Feather – $10.00


Purrdy Paw-dicure

Nail trim per dog – $30.00

Additional Dog – $15.00 each

Nail Grinding sm/md – $8.00

Lrg/xtlrg – $10.00

Polish Front Nails – $15.00

Polish All Nails – $18.00

Puppy Extras

Half Hour Brushout – $50.00