The Purrdy Puppy Package

Please Note: All Purrdy Puppy Packages Are For Dogs Under 6 Months of Age.

Getting a new puppy is an exciting and busy time. From the time you get your little one training begins. Having your puppy start to build a relationship with its groomer is extremely important for pawsitive experiences especially for breeds that will need to learn to stand still for scissor and clipper work. A puppy will learn not to fear the groomer or the grooming process making things stress-free for all involved.

**This package has no trimming as we feel wiggly puppies are at risk of injury with scissors. Instead our groomers will work to teach your puppy how to comply during a groom. We recommend starting at 16 weeks after a pup has been fully vaccinated by your veterinarian **

Purrdy Puppy Spa Package Includes: Nail Trimming, Ear Cleaning, Bath, Blowdry and Comb-out.

Small Puppies – $32.00

Medium Puppies – $43.00

Large and Extra Large Puppies – $51.00

Face / Feet / Sani Trimming – $15.00 *

* Temperament dependent